You have many choices when picking a REALTOR®.

The problem is that most agents offer the same services to each of their clients; whereas, the solution is to be represented by us as we help you analyze your unique situation.  We listen to you.  You get our personal touch, the full benefit of our skills, knowledge and experience.  We will market, negotiate and manage your transaction to achieve your goals.  This is the approach of the JGibsonGroup.

For a Sale:

We listen to your needs and wants, then market your real estate to achieve your goalsYour needs are always respected.  With regard to price, some agents will price your home so that it sell fast.  This may sound like a good thing but if your goal is to sell it for the highest dollar possible in the context of your needs they have failed you because they may not have considered the condition of the property and what could have been done to better present it, negotiate the closing costs or perhaps most importantly, meet your seller terms and conditions.  We price your home and present it to prioritize your goals and then the goals of others.  Other terms and conditions are discussed or negotiated in your favor.  Don't get us wrong, we want it sold quickly too, but not at your expense.

For a Purchase:

The problem:  what do I as a buyer do when this is not what I normally do.  The solution:  we listen to you, offer you a glossary of residential terms and definitions, encourage you to meet with multiple lenders to learn about loans, read a blank contract, expose you to as many areas and homes as meet your specifications, etc.  If during your search your needs adjust then we change with them.  We believe you'll make better decisions the more you know.  The learning curve for everyone tends to be longer at first but you generally make a more informed set of decisions.  We use advanced methods and tools which allow us to market and communicate with sellers and buyers quickly and effectively.  We use Mobile tools, social networks and Customer Relations Databases (CRM) to market, negotiate and manage your transaction to achieve your goals.  When buying a property we open networks to achieve your goals.  Based on your needs we suggest databases for information about those areas.

The Advent of the JGibsonGroup

Several years ago I realized that I could better serve my clients by bringing together a group of professionals.  So, no I work with other real estate agents - residential and commercial - a transaction coordinator, a marketing coordinator and an array of escrow and title companies, lenders, exchange companies, home inspectors, trades-people, stagers, relocation specialists, etc.

Satisfaction and Referrals

We want your satisfaction to be complete when working with us.  Come back when you need real estate services and tell everyone you know about your experience with us.  Your referrals are essential to our success.  We will work each and every day to earn your business, return business and referrals.

Professional Focus

A premium is on customer service and not measures of how many homes we've sold or how much money we've made.  Instead of quantitative measures of success we focus on qualitative measure of whether we took good care of clients.

Joe Gibson is honored to be a Five Star Professional Realtor (Five Star Professional conducts market research to define and promote professional excellence in Realtors.  The Five Star designation assists consumers in selecting a service professional that other consumers have indicated provides exceptional client satisfaction and service).

Customer service, communication and achieving your goals are at the heart of the JGibsonGroup approach.  This sets us apart from other Realtors and makes us a good bet to refer your friends and family.  Check out the rest of this website and be sure to look at the testimonials.  You'll gain insight into our unique way of helping you.

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